Who We Are

  • We pride ourselves in being the best.  We provide Awesome IT!  What is Awesome IT?
  • We are a local business, Denver is our only Focus.  We’re not a national chain or regionally located branch.
  • We care about neighboring businesses because we ARE your neighbors.
  • We’re practical.  We’re insightful.  We’re experienced.
  • We know IT issues.  We know business problems.  We know problem solving.
  • We’re NOT stuffy guys in suits who sound like salesmen.
  • We get dirty.  We hustle.  We do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal.


We specialize in support and analyzing business process.  We’ve done everything under the sun in the IT field, in most industries, including aerospace, events, finance, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.  We’re IT professionals that have been creating infrastructure, developing complex solutions, critical business application systems, implementing customer relationship software, inventory management, business process software and analyzing business systems from the start.

Wondering how we’re different than other IT companies in Denver?

Our Focus

  • Deliver Critical IT Services with a Personal Approach
  • Lower your costs
  • Improve your productivity
  • Improve your process with IT

Denver Tech Services is a Denver Managed IT Service Provider and Technology Partner.  We provide services and solutions to meet all technical needs of Denver businesses.  From managing the back-end IT needs of business, to the front-end customer facing web site.  We provide the services needed to start, grow, streamline, and become the business you want to be, within your sector.

We strive to provide the best possible solutions, the highest customer service, and most competitive pricing within Denver.

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