Does your IT Provider support your….. business or your IT?

In the IT Provider space, there’s a lot of different approaches.  Most will say we work with you to support your business goals.  While you hope that’s true, most are merely just providing your tech support.  There’s also a handful of first class providers that are improving your business one step at a time, with […]

Buy New Equipment, Write off 100% of purchases, up to $1mm

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has a few additions and improvements that can help businesses attain the equipment they need.  Bonus depreciation means you don’t have to write the purchase off over the next few years due to depreciation.  You can write 100% of the costs of new equipment off for the […]

We’re good, nothing has happened to us.

“We’ve never been hacked.  We’ve never had an issue, everything has just worked.”  These words are heard all too commonly in technology. What’s the problem?  Everything’s great right?  The problem here is our old friend Murphy, and the odds of probability are never really in our favor. If you’ve never had a security issue, that’s great.  But […]

Problem finding qualified IT workers?

There is so many niches within the IT industry, it can be a pretty complex process when trying to hire for IT.  Let’s look at some of the issues. The Real Problems Awesome IT employee’s who are happy and comfortable aren’t looking for a new job. Awesome IT employee’s don’t really have to search for jobs, […]

If your IT talent leaves, what happens to your IT?

The 1-3 Person IT Department.  Most small businesses operate somewhere around in here. There’s many ways to setup an IT department, but most businesses work like this.  Things change when you start adding people just like any other department.  Only here, IT, just like other critical departments, has the power to break your business if […]

The Trouble with Hiring that 1st IT Employee – Part Two

You managed to make it through IT interviews and hired your first IT employee, congrats!  Now the real fun begins. Learning on the Job Some places are totally okay with learning on the job for the one man IT operation.  That’s great!  Great employee’s should always be given the chance to learn.  The question for the […]

The Trouble with Hiring that 1st IT Employee – Part One

You’re business is thriving, you’re hiring, now you’ve realized you have a lot of technology around the office and you should probably start getting a grip on it.  The thought of hiring an IT person pops into your head.  What’s to lose?  You’ll have someone with expertise, knows what they’re doing, handle all your IT […]

Ramsomware gets even more nasty

If you didn’t see our last post about Ramsomware and why you should care, see it here!  Now that you’ve checked that out, we’ll tell you, it gets worse!  Below used to be the only ramsomware situation. You’re sitting at your computer and you opened up that email you know you shouldn’t have.  Now […]