DTS Cloud Services

Cloud based services can improve your business tremendously. From infrastructure items such as backup and disaster recovery to cloud applications that can help you get a hold on processes and automation, the cloud is the place to be. Let us help you with solutions that can increase productivity and lower costs today.

Popular Cloud Services

  • Private Cloud:  Locked down and accesible by only your organization.
  • Public Cloud:  Data driven applications - think common websites (amazon.com)
  • Cloud Firewall:  Active security protection for your web applications
  • Cloud File Storage:  Think your own Private Dropbox.
  • Virtual Desktops:  Windows in the Cloud with whatever applications you need.

Benefits of Cloud Services vs Traditional IT

  • Lower Cost No hardware cost, or failure costs such as hard drives, or upgrading down the road.
  • Flexibility If you have growing or fluctuating demands, cloud is key.
  • Pick and Choose your Services You don't have to go all in at once.  Go in stages.
  • Increase Resources on Demand Ability to scale when you need it, not up-front.
  • Work from Anywhere Your services are located online, not your office, so you'll never have to worry about access.
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