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Does your IT Provider support your….. business or your IT?

In the IT Provider space, there’s a lot of different approaches.  Most will say we work with you to support your business goals.  While you hope that’s true, most are merely just providing your tech support.  There’s also a handful of first class providers that are improving your business one step at a time, with technology.  The question is which do you have?

  • How often does your IT provider meet with you to discuss your business goals?
  • Do they just provide what you feel is tech support? No guidance or planning?
  • Have purchases or implementations become irrelevant due to changes within your business?  Now you’re at square one again?
  • Do you have a defined technology roadmap of improvement and action plan to do so?
  • Does your IT provider know your hangups, problems, pain-points, even if they’re not technology related?

Most IT providers are in the space to help businesses via technology, some are just there to support the technology.  We think you can spot the difference.

Less down-time, more efficiency, better collaboration.  Those are the general goals across the board, but are there policies and procedures in place to do so?  If not, it’s guess work.  That also means there is no standards within the service they’re providing.  The real question, is what more can an IT provider do for you?  What more can be improved in your business with technology? Contact us today if you’d like to hear what options your business has!