Office 365 Migration and Support

Need help in Office365 or wanting to migrate, we're your Denver Office 365 Experts.

Why move to Office365 from On-premise Exchange?

Exchange has always been the go to for an in-house email solution, especially for a large number user environment. So why switch?

  • No more on-site server expenses and maintenance
  • Predictable user cost for delivering email services per user
  • Continual user and product improvements available as they get released
  • Business continuity without additional expenses
  • Scalability you need, without the hassle.

What's Included in Office365?

There's a lot of Office365 plans to choose from depending up your needs, but here's the rub.

  • 50GB to Unlimited Email Storage Available per User
  • 1TB file storage and sharing
  • Office Apps (Word, Excel, etc) included in browser, or full installs (PC/Mac)
  • Office Apps available on tablets and phones
  • Rights management, data loss prevention and encryption available
  • Compliance tools

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