If your IT talent leaves, what happens to your IT?
We’re good, nothing has happened to us.
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Problem finding qualified IT workers?

There is so many niches within the IT industry, it can be a pretty complex process when trying to hire for IT.  Let’s look at some of the issues.

The Real Problems

  • Awesome IT employee’s who are happy and comfortable aren’t looking for a new job.
  • Awesome IT employee’s don’t really have to search for jobs, they’re recruited.
  • People will apply for jobs that would be upgrades for themselves.
  • People who are awesome at IT, can be bad employee’s.

Awesome IT People are Hard to Find

Some of the best people at their craft, aren’t looking for jobs.  They’re happy.  They’re comfortable, and they like their job.  Especially the more senior the positions.  Entry level applicants who need experience will typically jump around every year or two from job to job to get a pretty stout resume.

IT is the Business of Solving Problems

It’s not the business of fixing printers, or programming, or implementing projects.  Good IT personnel are good at solving problems in general.  The more complex problems, the better.  A lot of IT workers today don’t really have a process of their own that they use to solve problems.  It’s always, “let me ask my coworker”.  Being self-sufficient is a huge problem with IT workers today, and it appear to be trending downward.  If your employee can’t solve basic problems, or seem to exhaust all their resources on what should be simple problem, you have a big problem.

Promotions for Everyone

One of the larger problems is people are always trying to move up and advance.  They’re applying for a position that would be an upgrade,or promotion for them.  While yes, of course it’s great people are trying to advance themselves, some positions are beyond their current scope of skills.  What happens when you go to hire someone and they end up not being able to do the job?  You can take a gamble.  You’ll teach them the position.  They’ll learn the position.  What happens if they don’t?  Not only do you have to hire for the same position, you have to fire someone.

Under-paying for the Available Position

Sure, your budget is only so big.  You want the Mercedes, but can only afford the Hyundai.  It’s a common business problem.  Problem here the applicant takes the job, because lets be honest, they need one.  Then when they find one that pays more, down the road, they’re gone.  Now you’re in the same position you were before.

There is a way to combat all these however.  That’s to let us worry about them!  The economy isn’t losing a job.  It’s just us that’s providing the job for a worker and handle all the employee issues.  Then all you  have to think about is how awesome your IT is.