The Trouble with Hiring that 1st IT Employee – Part Two
Problem finding qualified IT workers?
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If your IT talent leaves, what happens to your IT?

The 1-3 Person IT Department.  Most small businesses operate somewhere around in here. There’s many ways to setup an IT department, but most businesses work like this.  Things change when you start adding people just like any other department.  Only here, IT, just like other critical departments, has the power to break your business if there’s no plan.  When companies start adding IT personnel, they usually do it when they’re desperate and without much planning unfortunately.  Sometimes they’re just adding them and they don’t know why!  When you have 100 employee’s, you don’t need 5 IT employee’s for an internal IT dept, ever.

Here’s  a breakdown…

1 Person IT Department

  • Handles all the tech related items
  • Will manage your Helpdesk support requests, network, applications, printers/copiers, phones, desktops/servers/laptops, mobile devices and more.

2 Person IT Department

  • Method 1:  One does helpdesk and desktop support issues, while the other does network and server related items.
  • Method 2:  They both have their own Primary Responsibilities, and they’re Secondary on the other’s Primary, then they share general tasks.
    • One person has Servers and Phones, Printers, and shares helpdesk and projects and provides backup to person 2’s tasks.
    • Other person has Network and Critical Business Applications and shares helpdesk and projects, and provides backup to person 1’s tasks.
  • Usually in this scenario, there is a senior level position.
  • Odds are, they’re also not up to par as far as providing backup to the other person.  Meaning vacation or sick days are TOUGH.

3 Person IT Department

  • Clap to yourself, you most likely just added an IT Manager!
  • So you’ll have a Helpdesk person, a Server/Network/Database person, and an IT Manager!
  • I didn’t say it has to make sense, but this is what most companies will do.

Now my questions to you are the following!

  • In 1 person IT Department, what happens if they quit, no notice?
  • In 2 person IT Department, what happens if your senior person quits?  Or if they both quit?  It’s happened, we promise!
  • In 3 person IT Department, what is your IT manager doing?  Really doing?
  • In 1 AND 2 AND 3 person IT Departments, does anyone get vacation?  Ever?  How do you do it?  You call them when they’re in Tahiti to ask how to fix a printer?
  • Do you have documentation in place or when your IT personnel quit, do they take all your company’s IT knowledge with them?

If you’re unsure of any of these questions, get in touch with us for an assessment.  Most times, there is a better way.  Let us help you find that way.