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We’re good, nothing has happened to us.

“We’ve never been hacked.  We’ve never had an issue, everything has just worked.”  These words are heard all too commonly in technology. What’s the problem?  Everything’s great right?  The problem here is our old friend Murphy, and the odds of probability are never really in our favor.

  • If you’ve never had a security issue, that’s great.  But odds are, you’re due for one.
  • Aging equipment has always worked, why would you want to replace it?  Odds are it’s about to fail in some capacity.
  • Our employees never click on anything bad?  Odds are, threats are getting more sneaky, and they’re about to click on one.

The main point here, is you have a business, you’re using technology and in today’s world, thing’s aren’t so simple anymore.  There’s more threats than ever, hardware will always fail at some point, and new threats that don’t look like threats, will always be improving.   The simplest questions you can ask yourself for your technology are:

  1. How do we know we’re protected?  Is there a way to prove that?  (Hint, yes there is)
  2. Is our equipment near the end of it’s lifetime and we’re just flirting with unnecessary danger?  (Hint, yes!)
  3. How do we know which employees will click something dangerous? Is there a way to tell?  (Hint, ah you know the answer)

Don’t be shy, if this has been a mindset within the company, we get it so don’t feel bad.  Denver Tech Services is here to help and give you a different perspective of what’s possible and how you can protect your company, your data, and your employees.