What is Awesome IT?

We pride ourselves on providing Awesome IT.  Now you might say, what does that mean?  We’re glad you asked!

The Five Rules of Awesome IT

  1. Always go the extra mile.  Every time.
  2. Always do what you said you were going to. When you said you were going to do it.
  3. Provide the passion and knowledge we have for IT, without the geek speak.
  4. Listen.  Listen some more.  Then ask questions, a lot of them.  It’s the key to Problem solving.
  5. Running a business certainly isn’t going to be stress-free, but we want your IT to be stress-free.  We’ll handle all items IT as if it’s our own IT Department.

Awesome IT through Awesome Customer Service

  • Always go the extra mile, on every interaction, with every customer.
  • Friendly, funny people who make getting IT support enjoyable.
  • An Affordable, Practical approach with Superior delivery.
  • We put geek speak in practical terms so you can make the decision you need to, for your business.

Awesome IT through Awesome Technology

  • IT experts providing IT solutions with proven technologies.  Not fads, trends or with companies that will be out of business in 3 years.
  • IT solves business problems.  We root out problems, and provide practical options.
  • Use Stable and Secure technologies that will dramatically decrease IT down-time.
  • We implement solutions that will make your life easier, not solutions that have the most billable hours.
Being awesome at IT isn’t enough. You have to be awesome at applying IT to everyday business problems. All those fancy abbreviations don’t mean a thing if we can’t provide a solution that works for our client, phenomenally.

Nathan Carr - Owner of Denver Tech Services


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